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Kevin Deleted

2008-04-09 07:43:10 by Evan-Vangar

It just had to go, it was an embarrassment to myself as an animator in my 2008 form. It was nothing more then a few animation tests that shouldnt be seen or connected to myself from now on. I'm sure no one will miss them though.

I'm going to upload my next project soon. Seeing as i use flash so much i think it's about time i started uploading my proper work.



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2008-04-09 09:29:15

Deleted flashes, unfortunate . . . I think about all the reviews people lose . . . everyweek mine drop by at least one or two due to people deleting old submissions . . .

Evan-Vangar responds:

They were pretty bad, and i'm uploading new ones that you can review that i won't delete ;)